Partnering Countries

The GreenVoyage2050 Project is working with 12 countries: Azerbaijan, Belize, China, Cook Islands, Ecuador, Georgia, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Sri Lanka.

The project aims to support all partnering countries through the following process:

Given that individual countries will be at different stages in the process, the participating countries can be broadly categorized into “New Pilot Countries” and “Pioneer Pilot Countries”.

New Pilot Countries (NPCs) are those which will, as a first step, undertake the development of a national maritime emissions assessment, establishing a baseline and build the information base, laying the foundation for targeted actions to reduce emissions from shipping. These will provide the basis for the development of a robust and informed national emission reduction strategy and National Action Plan (NAP) to address GHG emissions from ships.

Pioneer Pilot Countries (PPCs) are those which have already undertaken maritime emissions baseline work and have initiated development of their National Action Plan (NAP) to address GHG emissions from ships. The GreenVoyage2050 Project will support PPCs to finalize their NAP, identify pilot project opportunities and develop them further with a view to securing funding for their implementation.

All partnering countries will be provided training on the regulatory developments related to MARPOL Annex VI and the Initial IMO GHG Strategy, as well as training on key low carbon technologies and fuels. Other activities include capacity-building on sustainable port initiatives and measures to reduce emissions at the ship-port interface.

New Pilot Countries

Pioneer Pilot Countries